Alberta to honour Canadian service in Afghanistan

News Release
Alberta to honour Canadian service in Afghanistan

Alberta will honour Canadian soldiers with a flag lowering ceremony at schools and municipalities across the province on Wednesday, March 12.

To mark the end of Canada’s 12-year military mission to Afghanistan, schools and municipalities are requested to commemorate the lowering of the Canadian flag in Kabul.

The province will start the day by lowering all flags at provincial buildings to half-mast. At noon, flags will be raised to full height to commemorate the end of the Afghanistan mission and the successful return of our last Canadian troops.

“Canada’s brave men and women in uniform are also our fathers, mothers, daughters and sons. The work our troops did in Afghanistan is an absolutely vital part of our history and something all students should learn about. We need to honour our soldiers and their families on this mission’s final day.”
– Premier Alison Redford

“As children in an increasingly connected world, we need to seek out opportunities for Alberta’s students to be engaged with important Canadian and world events. Today’s graduating class was in kindergarten when Albertans first left on this mission, and March 12th gives us a rare opportunity for students to watch history unfold in their classrooms while exploring ideas about leadership, community, sacrifice, citizenship and ethics.”
– Jeff Johnson, Minister of Education and Ministerial Liaison to the Canadian Armed Forces

The Government of Canada will be hosting a video stream of the flag ceremony in Kabul on its website.

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