Filipino-Albertan Gilmore Junio shows humility and love of country at its best

When asked why he gave up his spot, Gilmore Junio told CBC’s Adrienne Arsenault that it was “no brainer” and  it would be “crazy” to put teammate Denny Morrison out of the ice.

Every elite athlete’s dream is to qualify to the Olympics held every four years. And consider the years of training and qualifying tournaments they have to endure (and probably enjoy)just to get a spot. Definitely, not a walk in the park.

And for Junio’s decision to give up the spot to compete in speed skating’s 1,000-metre was indeed a big, big surprise.

That decision was a simple case of humility and love of country for Junio, born and raised in Calgary, Alberta Province by Filipino immigrants.

He was so humble to acknowledge in his heart that his teammate was a better speed skater and his love for Canada was so inspiring that Morrison mustered all his strength, skated beautifully for team and country and won a silver medal that turned out to be so “golden” because of Junio’s giving way.

CBC’s broadcast from Sochi, Russia, showed Junio’s parents and relatives came to cheer for him and an emotional mother was so proud to see his son in the pinnacle event of the sport and in another scene, Morrison’s mom telling CBC too how thankful they are to Gilmore for giving their son the opportunity to skate and win a medal.

Junio first competed in the 500-metre and finished 10th then came the decision not to play and get the necessary experience by skating against the best in the 1,000-metre event.

This decision came as a big surprise too for Morrison who could not believe when he received the text from Junio. He thought it was a joke. Junio was dead serious and strongly believed his teammate can win a medal.

And Denny delivered!

So grateful was Morrison that if only he can split the silver medal into two, he would so willingly part the other half to Junio because he was just so much part of that silver medal victory.

Such selfless act was so laudable and so inspiring that Gilmore Junio has imprinted again in the minds of all Canadians that it is always better to give than to receive.

Thank you Gilmore for showing humility and love of country at its best.(pinoy edmonton news)


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