Driving home the message: no need for speed



News Release
Driving home the message: no need for speed
*Police patrolling roadways over long weekend
Safe driving is a top priority for the Edmonton Police Service as motorists gear up for the May-long weekend.

Last weekend, Edmonton lost two young females in fatal collisions. Citizens have control of the road – there is no need for speed.

This week marks the annual Canada Road Safety Week that runs from May 13-19, 2014. Law enforcement agencies throughout the country will be out on the road promoting safe driving practices.

Canada Road Safety Week is an initiative reminding drivers to make conscious safety decisions whenever they get behind the wheel. This enforcement-driven campaign is designed to increase public awareness and provide education on the importance of safe driving behaviours.

Targeted enforcement during Canada Road Safety Week will focus on:

Impaired driving
Seatbelt and child restraint use
Aggressive driving (i.e. speeding, stop sign infractions, running red lights)
Distracted driving
Motorcycle safety

“The Edmonton Police Service encourages you to drive safely on our roadways. We often see preventable serious injury collisions and tragic traffic fatalities over long weekends,” says Acting Staff Sgt. Gary Lamont with EPS Traffic Section. “Last year in Edmonton, there were over 3,200 injuries and 26 fatalities from collisions. Many of these could have been prevented with safe driving practices.”

From May 13-20, 2013, there were 2,482 tickets issued in Edmonton during Canada Road Safety Week. Of those, 1,136 were for speeding, 70 for seatbelt violations, and 232 were for other hazardous moving violations. There were also 59 impaired driving arrests and 18 roadside suspensions.

Roadway safety also affects pedestrians and cyclists. In 2013, one cyclist and nine pedestrian fatal collisions occurred in Edmonton. In total, there were 177 collisions involving cyclists and 298 collisions involving pedestrians last year.

“Everyone using the roadways – whether it is drivers, pedestrians or cyclists – all have a responsibility to keep themselves and each other safe,” says Lamont. “Take your time and put safety first. There is no need to speed in our community.”

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