Hancock responds to Alberta receiving an A+ economic report card



News Release
Hancock responds to Alberta receiving an A+ economic report card

Premier Dave Hancock issued the following statement regarding the Conference Board of Canada’s Economic Report Card:
“The Conference Board’s report confirms what we have known for a long time—Alberta is at the top of its class.

“Alberta leads the way on wages, economic growth and job creation, and we consistently have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Per capita, companies in Alberta invest more in capital than any other province, and we have the highest level of productivity in Canada.

“Keeping Alberta’s economy strong is important, and that’s why we continue our efforts to build and diversify markets, invest in innovation, and work with business and industry to address complex issues like productivity, labour shortages and gaps in skills training.”

“Alberta has become home to more than four million people. Last year we welcomed more than 100,000 new Albertans, this year we expect another 100,000, and over the next ten years or so we expect to welcome one million new Albertans. Canadians and folks from around the world come to Alberta not only because they are optimistic about our economic future but because of the quality of life. They want to live in a place where they can be happy and truly enjoy the things that make life rich.

“There are a lot of jurisdictions that have resources but don’t have Alberta’s prosperity. Good government, economic policies that attract business and encourage investment, tax structures, and quality of life are very important to Alberta’s success.

“I am happy to see the results of the Conference Board’s report and proud to say that Alberta is truly the best place to live, work and raise a family.”

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