2014 Tax Bills to Arrive Next Week



News Release

2014 Tax Bills to Arrive Next Week


Edmonton property owners will start receiving their 2014 property tax notices in the next few days.

“I encourage all property owners to review your property tax notices and resolve any concerns well in advance of the due date for payment,” says Rod Risling, Manager, Assessment and Taxation Branch. “You must pay property taxes in full by June 30 to avoid late-payment penalties.”

Owners of a typical Edmonton single-family home assessed at $374,500 will pay $3,001 in property taxes this year. Sixty-nine per cent or $2,074 will go to municipal property taxes and 31% or $927 will go to provincial education property taxes.

Overall, in 2014 the City will collect $1.6 billion in property taxes: $1.23 billion in municipal taxes and $409 million in provincial education property taxes.

“Municipal property taxes will help maintain the services, programs and infrastructure that support more than 800,000 people within our growing city,” adds Risling.

The City collects provincial education property taxes on behalf of the Government of Alberta and sends that money directly to the provincial government.

Tax-supported operations

In 2014, municipal property taxes account for 58% of the overall City operating budget and enable the City to continue to provide Edmontonians with services such as police, fire, road maintenance, transit, recreational facilities, parks and neighbourhood renewal. The remainder of the operating budget is funded through several sources, including grants, fines, user fees, permits and investment returns.

Payment options

Edmonton property owners can choose from many ways to paytaxes: through any financial institution (including via telephone and online banking), in person at City locations (Chancery Hall or HSBC Bank Place), by mail or through the City’s property tax monthly payment plan.

Property owners who do not receive their City of Edmonton Property Tax Notice by June 6, 2014 should contact the City at 311 or taxes@edmonton.ca.

For more information on how property taxes connect to the City’s budget, watch this video.


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