Task Force Davao assures security measures against threats

News Release
Task Force Davao assures security measures against threats

DAVAO CITY — The Task Force Davao strengthens the security measures and now on its heightened alert regardless of what happened in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. Military troops are enforcing strict policy and guidelines on checkpoints and other vital facilities in order to secure the safety of all Davaoenos.

So far, text blasts as part of the monitoring system of the unit pertaining on terroristic attacks in the city, neither recorded any plans to conduct atrocities nor entry of threat elements or groups into the city. Nonetheless, the unit’s security measures are on top of priorities.

Colonel Macairog S. Alberto, Task Force Commander had mentioned in his recent interviews that; “We would like to ensure that we will do our best for the safety of everyone. As of now, we are on high alert status and we impose double effort especially on foot patrols.”

He further mentioned that, “We encourage all the public community to be vigilant and be alert of suspicious items left behind in public areas and to call 911 or the nearest police and military posts. We need the help of the community for the betterment of our society. We need to cooperate and support the authorities for the convenience of everyone.”

“We would like to inform the public, not to be alarmed of any text message circulating in regards to terrorism in the city. Our troops are ready and on call 24/7 in times of disaster, emergency and calamity”, he added.

Meanwhile, Task Force Davao had conducted recently a “Test Fire and Maintenance Procedure” on three SIMBA Light Armor War Fighting Vehicles playing a crucial role as support assests to the current security measures of the unit.

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