District Energy Site Testing at Blatchford Begins

News Release

District Energy Site Testing at Blatchford Begins


Large drilling equipment will be at the Blatchford site this week as part of the City of Edmonton’s ongoing testing for building a district energy system in the community.

“The district energy system has the potential to provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water to all buildings in Blatchford,” said Mark Hall, Executive Director, Blatchford Redevelopment. “If feasible, the district energy system will be a key component in achieving Council’s vision of building a sustainable community that uses 100% renewable energy and is carbon neutral.”

Starting April 14, 2015, a drill rig will be on site to dig two holes approximately 150m deep. This stage of the testing will take approximately two weeks.

“The Blatchford Redevelopment office has been evaluating a district energy system for several months. The work happening at the site this week is the next step in the process to confirm the viability of this system,” said Hall. “As part of this next stage, we are using a drill rig to dig to the depth needed to properly test the site.”

The City will be bringing forward a recommendation for the district energy system to City Council later this year.


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