Edmonton, Let’s Get Playful with Public Space

News Release

Edmonton, Let’s Get Playful with Public Space

Open City

The City of Edmonton’s CITYlab and Make Something Edmonton are inviting Edmontonians to turn an underused public space into a welcoming place for people to gather and interact. The citizen-driven urban makeover day, named DIYcity, will take place on June 21.

“We are very excited to see what kind of inventive ideas Edmontonians come up with,” says Jeff Chase, senior planner with CITYlab. “We want people to know that it is possible to reimagine and improve a public space. I am looking forward to seeing the innovation in our city.”

DIYcity is a powerful way to reveal the untapped potential of a street corner, alleyway, lamppost or any element of public space. Groups or individuals are invited to post their DIYcity project idea on the Make Something Edmonton website and apply for funding if needed through the initiative’s Project Accelerator Grant. Interested parties may also visit the CITYlab website, where they can submit a project application and explore the hundreds of placemaking ideas citizens mailed in for the postcard launch.

“Our job is to collaborate with citizens in telling the Edmonton story,” says Make Something Edmonton’s Chris Gusen. “There’s a strong relationship between your experience of public space and your overall feelings about your city. That’s why working in partnership with CITYlab makes so much sense.”

The application deadline for the Project Accelerator Grant is Monday, May 11 at 5pm.


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