Students Put Down Roots in Edmonton’s Urban Forest

News Release

Students Put Down Roots in Edmonton’s Urban Forest

Root for Trees

More than 600 Grade one students in the Edmonton region planted seedlings today as part of the Arbor Day celebrations taking place at Gold Bar Park. Councillor Mike Nickel was in attendance to proclaim May 8, 2015 as Arbor Day.

“Showing these children at a young age the importance of trees allows the students to learn the value in protecting and maintaining them in our growing city,” says Councillor Mike Nickel. “Arbor Day is a fantastic opportunity for children to discover Edmonton’s urban forest and all it has to offer.”

In addition to planting their own tree, children participated in other activities including bucket truck and zip line rides, wood chipper demonstrations and a nature walk. Over 15,000 children receive and plant seedlings each year by participating in Arbor Day and other tree-related celebrations.

The City of Edmonton’s Arbor Day celebrations have been ongoing since the 1950s. Residents can now track the growth of trees they have planted through yegtreemap.


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