Edmonton Fire Rescue Services issue fire ban

(Source: edmonton.ca)

Fire ban issued for Edmonton

Due to prolonged dry, hot, and windy conditions Edmonton Fire Rescue Services has issued a fire ban and restricting the use of open burning, backyard fire pits, cook stoves in parks, and fireworks in the City of Edmonton.

The fire danger rating for Edmonton is in the “extreme” category, which is measured according to the Fire Weather Index and takes into account temperature, wind conditions, humidity, and moisture levels.

The ban will remain in effect until further notice.

During the fire ban, the City will emphasize compliance over enforcement. However, anyone who breaks a fire ban may be subject to fines or charges if the activity causes a safety issue. This may also include covering costs for emergency services.

Fire Bans

Open burning - field

Fire Hazards in Edmonton

Dry weather can lead to fire hazards in City parks, fields and other green spaces. When the fire hazard is extreme, the City of Edmonton may issue a fire ban to protect life and property.

You can help keep Edmonton safe by checkingwww.albertafirebans.ca or calling 311 before you burn to find out if there is a fire ban in Edmonton.

How Does the City Measure Fire Hazards?

Edmonton Fire Rescue Services uses a tool called the Fire Weather Index System to measure and forecast fire hazard conditions in Edmonton. It is based on weather data and takes into account everything from temperature and wind conditions to relative humidity and moisture levels in the ground.

What is Banned During a Fire Ban?

A fire ban can restrict any of these regulated activities:

  • Open burning (“open burning” refers to controlled burns subject to conditions set in a Fire Rescue permit) in non-residential areas.
  • fireworks
  • firepits and cooking stoves in parks
  • backyard firepits

In most cases, a fire ban will only restrict open burning and fireworks. If conditions require, a ban may also restrict the use of firepits and cooking stoves in parks. Backyard firepits will only be banned when the fire hazard is extreme throughout Edmonton.

What About My BBQ?

You can use a propane BBQ or stove during a fire ban. Propane BBQs or stoves are permitted because they are metal, contained and don’t generate smoke or embers. Propane BBQs are also permitted in City parks during fire bans.

Is It Illegal to Disregard a Fire Ban?

The City of Edmonton wants to work with residents and visitors to keep Edmonton safe. During a fire ban, officials will emphasize compliance over enforcement, but anyone who breaks a fire ban may be subject to fines or charges if their fire causes a safety issue. This may also include covering costs for emergency services.

What Activities Require Permits?

You need a permit to purchase, possess, store and use fireworks within the City of Edmonton and to do any kind of open burning. Call 780-496-3628 or 311 to find out how to obtain a permit. Remember, no permits are required for backyard firepits that meet the Community Standards Bylaw, cooking stoves, fire places or BBQs.

For more information:

To find out how to obtain a fire permit.

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