Ontario firefighters answer Alberta’s call

News Release

Ontario firefighters answer Alberta’s call

One hundred and twenty six Ontario wildland firefighters will arrive in Alberta on Friday, May 22 to help battle wildfires.

Wildfire - EWF-015-15 May 14

Current dry conditions in Alberta have increased the wildfire hazard to the point where more firefighters are needed to assist with current wildfires and respond to potential new wildfires.

Alberta’s wildfire hazard is continually monitored. More firefighters can be requested very quickly when required.

The exchange of firefighters and aircraft is made possible through resource-sharing agreements Alberta has in place with firefighting agencies across North America. Alberta is an active participant in these agreements and has sent firefighting resources to other parts of North America in the past.

Throughout the fire season last year, Alberta sent four airtankers to Alaska, four airtankers and 55 firefighters to Northwest Territories, four airtankers and 62 firefighters to British Columbia, and 22 firefighters to Idaho.

Last year, 117 Ontario firefighters were brought to Alberta to help fight wildfires here.

There are currently 24 wildfires burning in Alberta, all are classified as being held or under control. Since April 1, Alberta has recorded 587 wildfires, which have burned more than 2,200 hectares of land.

For more information about wildfires in Alberta, visit wildfire.alberta.ca or download the Alberta Wildfire app.

Note to Editors: There will be an opportunity for media to interview provincial forest fire centre representatives and Ontario firefighters when they arrive on Friday, May 22 at the Executive Flight Centre, 3684 53 Ave. east, Edmonton International Airport at 3:30 p.m.


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