Newly Named Kinistinâw Park to Transform The Quarters Downtown

News Release

Newly Named Kinistinâw Park to Transform The Quarters Downtown

Kinistinaw Park

The City of Edmonton Naming Committee has approved the name “Kinistinâw Park” for the new park planned for The Quarters Downtown. The name in Plains Cree means “us three.” Kinistinâw Park will be built along the Armature (96 Street) and will help connect the street to Louise McKinney Park and the River Valley.

“When Edmonton was a lot younger, this neighbourhood was actually the heart of downtown, and the name Kinistinâw reflects the historical name of 96 Street at that time, which was Kinistino Avenue,” says Jeff Nachtigall, Chair of the City’s Naming Committee. “It’s great that we can honour both our city’s history and our Aboriginal roots with the naming of this park, and correct a piece of our history by using the proper spelling of the word.”

“We’re transforming The Quarters Downtown into a hub of activity where businesses, artists, and residents can grow with each other,” says Mary Ann Debrinski, Director of Urban Renewal for the City of Edmonton. “Kinistinâw Park is an important piece of the plan in building this vibrant, urban community.”

Designs for phase one of the park are expected to be done in 2016 and construction is slated for 2017. When completed, Kinistinâw Park will stretch along 96 Street between 102A and 103A Avenue and be one and a half city blocks in size.

The construction of both Kinistinâw Park and the Armature are major steps in realizing the City’s vision for The Quarters Downtown. The Armature, which is the 96 Street roadway stretching from Jasper Avenue and 103A Avenue, will be a pedestrian-friendly street and the heart of the area. Once completed, The Quarters Downtown will be a vibrant, inclusive community and home to up to 20,000 people over the next 20 years.


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