Eight new wildfires in last 24 hours

News Release

Wildfire update #3

Current facts on the wildfires in Northern Alberta.

Fire Update: Friday, May 29 at 2pm

  • In the last 24 hours there have been eight new wildfires.
  • Currently, Alberta has 41 wildfires: five are out of control, 10 are being held and 27 are under control.
  • 748 fires and 43,358 hectares have burned since April 1.
  • The wildfire outlook in Alberta remains severe through to at least the end of this week.
  • The Alberta Emergency Management Agency and the Alberta government are closely monitoring the situation.
  • Approximately 1,700 firefighters, 159 helicopters and 28 airtankers are positioned across the province to fight wildfires.
  • Another 37 firefighters are being imported from British Columbia today. This is in addition to the 273 firefighters imported since last Friday.
  • The Cold Lake fire is five kilometers from CNRL infrastructure, and 20 km from Cenovus infrastructure. There is no imminent risk to their infrastructure.
  • While cooler, wet weather is expected for parts of the province, this will not reduce the wildfire hazard in much of Northern Alberta.


  • All evacuation orders have been lifted.
  • Reception centres are now closed.
  • About 4,800 evacuees have returned home.
  • Cenovus and CNRL voluntary evacuations remain in effect.

Air quality

  • Air quality in much of the northern regions of the province is affected by the smoke.
  • Alberta Health Services’ Precautionary Air Quality Advisories are in effect for the entire North and Edmonton areas.
  • The Cold Lake-specific Air Quality Advisory issued by AHS on May 25 remains in place.
  • These advisories alert Albertans to the health concerns and risks associated with smoky air conditions, and advise on important steps they can take to protect themselves and their loved ones.
  • These advisories will remain in place until further notice.
  • Albertans should visit the Alberta Health Services page for the latest information on air quality advisories.

Things to Know

  • The wildfire outlook in Alberta continues to be severe.
  • Due to improved conditions and the efforts of our firefighters, the provincewide fire ban has been lifted. However, there still are fire bans in many areas of the province, including the north.
  • All Albertans are asked to respect the fire bans and fire restrictions that are in place across the province, to listen to emergency officials, and to download the Alberta Emergency Alert app and the Alberta Wildfire app to stay on top of the latest information.
  • If Albertans are unsure of fire restrictions in their area, please visit Alberta Fire Bans.
  • We encourage Albertans who have been out of their homes to contact their insurance companies right away.


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