Alberta’s minimum wage increase set in motion; AFL congratulates new labour minister

News Release

Alberta’s minimum wage increase set in motion

Lori Sigurdson, the Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour issued the following statement recently on minimum wage:

“Today (May 29) our government is pleased to announce the next steps in our plan to raise the minimum wage for Alberta families.

The existing formula for minimum wage increases, based on the consumer price index and average weekly earnings, was inadequate. As such, our government will undertake targeted consultations with key stakeholders through the month of June to establish a new path forward. These meetings will be held with industry associations representing employers who typically employ minimum wage workers, as well as labour and public interest advocacy organizations.

“I look forward to reporting back to Albertans by early July regarding phased increases to the minimum wage taking effect October 1, 2015.”

News Release

AFL congratulates new labour minister

The Alberta Federation of Labour looks forward to a positive working relationship with Lori Sigurdson, the new Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour.

Sigurdson was tapped to be one of the new government’s 12-person cabinet, in charge of the vital portfolio which overlaps with much of the AFL’s organizational mandate.

“The New Democrats ran on a progressive platform that was endorsed by labour,” AFL president Gil McGowan said. “Over the next few years, I look forward to working with the new minister on changes that will improve the lives of working Albertans.”

The Federation of Labour extends its congratulations to incoming premier Rachel Notley, and her new cabinet, including former AFL research director Shannon Phillips, who was given the ministerial portfolios for Environment and for Status of Women.

“Shannon is thoughtful, dynamic and hardworking,” McGowan said. “As her friend, I’m proud to see her in this role. As an Albertan, I’m very happy to see someone of her calibre in government tackling these important issues.”


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