Harper Government launches the National Strategy for Financial Literacy-Count me in, Canada #CountMeInCA

News Release

Harper Government launches the National Strategy for Financial Literacy-Count me in, Canada #CountMeInCA

Toronto – Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

The strategy sets goals and priorities for the public, private and non-profit sectors to help Canadians make sound financial decisions.

Minister of State (Finance) Kevin Sorenson and Financial Literacy Leader Jane Rooney today launched the National Strategy for Financial Literacy—Count me in, Canada at an event held at the YMCA of Greater Toronto. The strategy is a call to action for all Canadians to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to make good financial decisions.

The national strategy is relevant for all Canadians, while also recognizing that individuals have diverse experiences and circumstances, particularly at different stages of life. Saving for an education, buying a first home, managing household credit and planning for retirement are only some of the many financial turning points in Canadians’ lives. The strategy notes it is at such crucial moments that individuals are particularly open to improving their financial knowledge and skills.

The national strategy will focus the efforts of the hundreds of public, private and non-profit organizations across the country that deliver financial literacy programs and education to Canadians. The collaborative and coordinated approach will ensure maximum impact and will ultimately help individuals and their families improve their financial well-being.

Quick facts

  • The National Strategy for Financial Literacy will engage public, private and non-profit organizations to help Canadians attain three goals:
    1. manage money and debt wisely
    2. plan and save for the future
    3. prevent and protect against fraud and financial abuse
  • Organizations across the country will do so by focusing on three priorities:
    1. collaborating and sharing
    2. tailoring programs and using plain language
    3. reaching and engaging Canadians
  • Individuals and organizations alike can follow and join the conversation about the strategy and its developments with #CountMeInCA on social media.
  • The Financial Literacy Leader will implement the strategy by coordinating the efforts of federal departments, collaborating with organizations across Canada and guiding the evaluation of financial literacy initiatives.
  • Members of the National Steering Committee on Financial Literacy will champion the strategy to help create and implement activities within their networks.
  • The strategy builds on feedback received from stakeholders and the general public in national consultations held in 2014 to canvas the views of those who work daily with Canadians on their individual finance matters.
  • The Strengthening Seniors’ Financial Literacy strategy was an early milestone. Launched in October 2014, it fulfilled the government’s commitment to develop a financial literacy strategy that addresses seniors’ unique needs.


“This is an exciting day for Canadians. The National Strategy for Financial Literacy is exactly what we need to focus our collective efforts in increasing Canadians’ knowledge, skills and confidence to make informed financial decisions for maximum impact. When Canadians have the tools they need to make informed financial choices, their individual economic circumstances will benefit, and the economy as a whole will benefit as well.”

Kevin Sorenson, Minister of State (Finance)

“I continue to be inspired by the people in communities throughout the country who are working hard to improve their financial know-how, and those who are supporting others to do so. In my role as Canada’s Financial Literacy Leader, I see this strategy as a call to action for everyone. I encourage all Canadians to count themselves in and to contribute to the momentum that is building to make financial education a lifelong journey with lasting and positive impact.”

—Jane Rooney, Financial Literacy Leader

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