City puts a dent in traffic collisions; Report shows more must be done to save lives

News Release

City puts a dent in traffic collisions

Report shows more must be done to save lives

The number of collisions that cause injuries and fatalities has hit a 23-year-low in Edmonton. In 2014, there were 2,934 such collisions with 23 fatalities, compared with 4,332 and 34 people killed in 1991.The City’s 2014 Motor Vehicle Collision Report shows that the number of these collisions decreased by 52 per cent and has been on a steady decline since 2007, after the Office of Traffic Safety began operation.

“The reduction is encouraging but thousands of people are still being hurt and killed in preventable collisions,” said Gerry Shimko, Executive Director of the Office of Traffic Safety. “We must continue to work at making our roads safer.”

The City analyzes collision data to identify traffic safety issues such as high speed locations and high collision intersections. Counter measures are then put in place, such as enhanced speed and red light enforcement, and road side driver message boards. Other measures include the use of leading video-based technology, which was recently used to identify and mitigate safety issues at the intersection of Scona Road, 99 Street and Saskatchewan Drive.

Collision data is also used to inform road designs, road rehabilitation projects, and traffic signal changes. Several Edmonton intersections have improved as a result, including 113A Street and 137 Avenue. Between 2006 and 2010, there were 79 injury collisions at this intersection. Since the improvements in 2011, there have been five injury collisions at that location.

“While progress has been made to reduce collisions, much more can be done to save lives,” Shimko added. “We have a full roster of strategies that will be introduced in a six-year strategic plan. Our goal is to have zero collision injuries and fatalities in Edmonton.” Vision Zero will be presented to Edmonton’s Transportation Committee later this fall.

The 2014 Office of Traffic Safety’s Motor Vehicle Collision Report and the video analytics conducted at the Scona Road intersection are now available. Visit Traffic Safety.


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