New government brings in new rules to rebuild democracy



News Release

New government brings in new rules to rebuild democracy

Alberta’s new government opened the legislative session with action to renew democracy and restore stability to health, education and other vital public programs.

The Speech from the Throne, read by Alberta’s Lieutenant Governor, Her Honour, the Honourable Lois Mitchell, announced that Bill 1, An Act to Renew Democracy in Alberta, will fulfill the government’s promise to end corporate and union donations to political parties.

“Past governments were too dependent on funds from a narrow range of donors with deep pockets, and too far removed from the interests of ordinary people. We will tilt the playing field back in Albertans’ favour, so their interests will always come first with government.”

Premier Rachel Notley

An interim supply bill will be introduced to roll back health, education and human services cutbacks that Albertans voted against in the recent election, and provide stability to key public services, including the public health and education systems, and supports for children, families and Alberta’s most vulnerable citizens.

“This bill will ensure that hospitals can continue to care for the sick, that schools have what they need to educate our children, and that the most vulnerable are protected.”

Premier Rachel Notley

A full budget will be introduced in the fall.

Bill 2 of the session will be An Act to Restore Fairness to Public Revenue. It will include a modest increase in corporate taxes for profitable firms, and the reintroduction of a progressive income tax for earners at the highest income levels. Under the new tax structure, Alberta will continue to have the lowest provincial taxes in Canada.

“We’re asking those who benefited the most from the boom times in Alberta to contribute just a little bit more to help keep essential services strong. This was a commitment we made in our campaign, and it will ensure that Alberta can continue to invest in the public programs Albertans rely on every day.”

Premier Rachel Notley


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