Edmonton plans a bright and exciting future City Planning Annual Report

News Release

Edmonton plans a bright and exciting future

City Planning Annual Report

The City of Edmonton’s newest annual report puts the spotlight on how a growing, vibrant city builds for today and decades into the future.

Readers of the first-ever City Planning Annual Report will gain a thorough understanding of some of the principles behind good city planning as well as dozens of examples and quick facts from projects completed or underway in 2014.

“We wanted this report to show Edmontonians the incredible depth and variety of plans and projects happening right now to turn our shared vision into reality,” says Peter Ohm, Branch Manager, Urban Planning and Environment. “Equally important, the document throws open an invitation to citizens to share their ideas and preferences about what our city-builders right across the organization are accomplishing. I know that Edmontonians are full of innovative and exciting ideas to make our city even better!”

Residents are invited to check out the report and then tweet @PlanEdmonton or email citylab@edmonton.ca with ideas and photos about creating a city that continues to be a great place to live, work and play.


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