Justice 4 Vicky supporters celebrate as CIC grants two-year open work permit to Venancio

News Release
On the evening of July 24 Maria Victoria “Vicky” Venancio received good news from the office of the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Chris Alexander. She will receive a two-year open work permit. This means that she will be able to work legally in Canada in the next two years, effective immediately. This news was delivered by Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Sherwood Park Tim Uppal.
“I am very happy to receive this amazing news”, said Vicky “I got two years Legally able to stay in Canada” she added. Maria Victoria Venancio or Vicky as the community called her is the quadriplegic temporary foreign worker. She came to Canada in 2011 to work and was seriously injured in a car accident on her way to work in 2012. Vicky lost her immigration status along with Alberta Health Care benefits and was told to leave Canada.
“This is great news and I was very happy for Vicky, her tenacity along with the relentless efforts of our community specially in Edmonton really paid off” said Tess Agustin, Chairperson of Migrante Canada. “We welcome this development but we remain vigilant. This is the 1st step towards Vicky’s struggle to permanently stay in Canada”, Agustin added.
“Thank God for this wonderful blessing, to family, friends, church communities and organizations who’s been supporting me. Our hard work really paid off. This victory is not only for me, but for us. I can’t make it without your help and support. I think tonight is the best sleep I will ever have after 3 years” said Vicky.
The Justice 4 Vicky, which is composed of individuals and organizations, continue its support through petition signing, getting letters of support from organizations and individuals and raising necessary funds for Vicky’s legal, medical and personal expenses.

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