City Council Approves Vision for Future of Jasper Place

News Release

City Council Approves Vision for Future of Jasper Place

City Council has approved the Jasper Place Area Redevelopment Plan, which will help guide future growth and change in the neighbourhoods of Britannia Youngstown, Canora, Glenwood, and West Jasper Place, as well as a large portion of the Stony Plain Road commercial corridor.

The plan is an important step in ensuring these neighbourhoods’ ability to sustain themselves through the growth and development trends being experienced across the city.

“Creating the plan was a two-and-a-half-year endeavour that involved carefully balancing community feedback with technical studies and existing City policies,” says Anne Stevenson, Principal Planner for the project. “The final product is a vision that helps give Council and Administration clear direction when making decisions on future land use and City investment in the Jasper Place area.”

Strategies in the plan focus on:

  • Enhancing the Stony Plain Road commercial corridor into a vibrant, mixed use pedestrian shopping area
  • Improving the sense of safety by increasing activity and oversight in public spaces
  • Increasing choice by introducing more housing options
  • Providing additional opportunities for housing near existing bus transit and future LRT
  • Promoting quality development that enhances local character
  • Ensuring parks and open spaces meet neighbourhood needs
  • Providing adequate infrastructure for today and the future

Civic investment in key community amenities like parks, transportation and utilities will take place according to available funding and Council priorities. Funding requests for these future amenities will be incorporated into existing City programs, such as the Valley Line LRT, Neighbourhood Renewal, the Open Space Master Plan and ongoing utility upgrades.

The plan’s land use components, which let residents know what types of buildings are supported in different areas of Jasper Place, will be implemented as property owners come forward with rezoning and development applications.


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