Filipina-Edmontonian’s album,`Dreams’, now available on iTunes, Amazon


Singer-songwriter Dreamie’s songs are now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Dubbed “Dreams”, the Filipina-Edmontonian, mother of two, kicks off the album with “Not About Him” and wraps it up with “The Ghost”.

Dreamie told the Pinoy Edmonton News that in the works right now is an all-Filipino album for the Pinoy community.

“Dreams”, she said, would never be possible without the help of Sam Valdecantos for arranging the songs, Jayjay Mamaradlo for playing the guitar for “I Do”, Randor Lin for playing all the instruments for the song “Night Vision Glasses”, and also for recording at his studio Turnkey Studio, Ocselago Gemma for making the Youtube music videos, Jaycris Verano and Den Salvador for the album cover, Ami Rodis of Red Production, Tony Surtida of Crosstown Auto Centre, Eden Codizal of Prestige Vision Center Ltd. for their sponsorship of the CD Release Party.

Dreamie received support too from Sound Evolution(Terence Herrero, Oliver Santos, Esther Tungol), Jess Valdez-The Switch Band, Melanie Salas, Ceferino Bernal, Aries Cerilla Ustare, Diversity, Jay Manglo, Giselle Padilla, Lola Emma’s Filipino Restaurant, Heather Schmidt and Esse Elsie.

And more importantly, she said, from dear family members specially her husband who unceasingly encouraged her to do what makes her happy. (p.e.n.)


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