`Digong, Daghang Salamat’ event at Rizal Park; Backers resolute in their support to Duterte `no matter what his final decision will be’

Photo courtesy of DDS.

Photo courtesy of DDS.

`Digong, Daghang Salamat’ event at Rizal Park

The Alyansa Tumong Sa Suporta Ug Pasalamat(ATSSUP) kang Digong is organizing the “Digong, Daghang Salamat!” event on October 15, Thursday, from 4 p.m. onwards at the Rizal Park.

There will be music, art and dance performances as a showcase of the people’s gratitude and support for Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte, who is being seen as the only political leader who can bring the needed changes should he decide to lead the 100 million Filipinos in 2016 as their president.

Duterte has amassed millions of supporters online as various groups from the Filipino community worldwide expressed its support for the long-time mayor to run for president and lead the nation.

Emotions have been high as the mayor has announced, in several occasions and in press conferences, that he is never interested of the highest position of the land and despite his statements, online supporters like the Digong Duterte Supporters (DDS) has continued to receive comments urging him, and even in some video posts begging him to consider becoming the nation’s leader.

ATSSUP, DDS and other groups online have not lost hope that Duterte would heed the call of the millions of Filipinos for him to file his candidacy before the deadline set by Comelec and are resolute in their support for the City Mayor, no matter what his final decision will be.

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