Open Budget: City releases online budget tool

News Release

Open Budget: City releases online budget tool

As part of the Open City Initiative, the City of Edmonton has released an interactive online tool at budget.edmonton.ca to provide Edmontonians with an easy way to learn more about the City’s 2016-2018 Operating Budget.

“The Open Budget application increases our transparency about how the City allocates public funds,” said Mike Dowler, Director of Budget Planning and Development. “This tool, developed by the Open City team, will help Edmontonians learn more about the costs for all the programs and services we are accountable to provide. That deeper view helps residents as they engage in the budget process.”

With Open Budget citizens have the ability to explore revenue and expenditures at the department, branch and program levels through a series of user friendly functions. Open Budget uses easy-to-understand charts and graphs to illustrate the cost of City programs and services.

The City created the Open Budget application to display all the data from the proposed 2016-201818 Operating Budget, which has been loaded into Edmonton’s Open Data Catalogue. Individuals and organizations also have the ability to quickly and easily download the data in a machine-readable format from the catalogue for their own analysis. The multi-year Capital Budget, which was approved by City Council last year, will be made available later this year.

Initiatives such as Open Budget are examples of the City’s commitment to being an Open City. The Open City Initiative is focused on innovation, collaboration, participation, transparency and inclusiveness to enable citizens to participate in the design and delivery of programs and services.

Other ways Edmontonians can participate in the budget process include speaking at the November 23 public hearing or providing input in the online survey at EdmontonBudget.com.


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