Changes coming to the Edmonton Valley Zoo’s recycling program

News Release

Changes coming to the Edmonton Valley Zoo’s recycling program

The Edmonton Valley Zoo is disappointed to announce it will no longer be a drop-off site for Tassimo coffee disc recycling as of December 1, 2015.

TerraCycle, the international company that collects difficult-to-recycle packing and products, has announced it will be ending the Tassimo Brigade program and will no longer be accepting coffee discs or coffee bags.

Since joining up with TerraCycle in 2012, the Edmonton Valley Zoo has sent in nearly 225,000 Tassimo discs for recycling.

The Edmonton Valley Zoo remains committed to conservation and environmental efforts, and will continue to support other recycling programs. Items currently accepted at the zoo for recycling include:

  • empty cereal bags
  • cell phones
  • laptops
  • digital cameras
  • iPods
  • e-readers
  • handheld game devices

The zoo is currently pursuing options to expand its recycling program to other products and appreciates the public’s support to help clean up our environment.


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