City declares seasonal parking ban

News Release

Seasonal parking ban declared

The City of Edmonton is declaring a seasonal parking ban on priority routes effective at 11 p.m. Tuesday, November 24.

“Due to the amount of snowfall received, we will dedicate our efforts to the arterial roads, bus routes and collector roads so that driving lanes are clear,” said Eduardo Sosa, Director of Roadway Maintenance. “We ask that residents on those routes find alternate parking so we can clear the roads quickly and efficiently.”

Vehicles still parked on designated parking ban routes after 11 p.m. tonight will be subject to tagging and towing for as long as the ban is in effect so that roadway maintenance crews can do as effective and efficient a job as possible. Residents are reminded that even if plows have made an initial pass, the ban will remain in effect until plowing is complete across the entire city. Those who park on routes covered by the ban will remain subject to tagging/towing until the ban is officially lifted.

Crews began their response to the snow on Monday afternoon and have continued to work around the clock on plowing and sanding. There were more than 200 pieces of City and hired equipment on the road overnight, and 178 currently on the roads..

Drivers are reminded to be cautious and drive for winter conditions. “Please be careful around plows and graders,” Sosa said. “They’re out on the road 24 hours a day. Help them do their jobs by keeping a safe distance.”

The City has not yet announced details on the neighbourhood blading cycle.

Edmontonians can watch the progress of snow clearing on major roads on the new Major Roads Plowing Map. It will be updated three times a day, with the first update at 3 p.m. today.

Edmontonians can stay informed about blading cycles, parking bans and other winter roadway maintenance activities at edmonton.ca/winterroads, which includes an interactive map of the neighbourhood blading schedule. Residents can also register there to receive email notifications about parking bans and blading.

ETS reports 15-30 minute delays on some bus routes due to traffic volume today. A severe weather protocol was put into effect yesterday, meaning extra buses were added on delayed routes and express buses picked up passengers at all stops. The weather has had no impact on LRT service.


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