Don’t be a Peephole Driver

News Release

Don’t be a Peephole Driver

Driving while peering through a small opening in the frost is known as peephole driving. To drive safely, you need to see everything around you.

“Driving without having your windshield scraped clean is a lot like driving with a blindfold on,” says Senior Research Coordinator Laura Thue, Office of Traffic Safety, “It can be deadly.”

The Office of Traffic Safety reminds you that it is illegal to drive without a clear view out the windshield, side and rear-view windows. Driving while peering through a small section of a frosted-up or snow-covered windshield may prevent you from seeing pedestrians crossing the road or cars driving in adjoining lanes.

“Keeping your windshield obstruction-free involves not just scraping off the ice and snow, but making sure the car is warmed up properly so your windows don’t frost up as you drive,” says Thue.

Spending an extra few minutes preparing for your drive could save a life.


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