New look for Open Data and Open Analytics

News Release

New look for Open Data and Open Analytics

To keep up with technology trends and to ensure user friendly citizen access to public data, the City of Edmonton has released an updated version of the Open Data Catalogue. This new and improved upgrade will feature a monthly Open Analytics interactive visualization using the City’s open data.

In five short years, the City of Edmonton’s Open Data Catalogue has evolved from humble beginnings of only 12 datasets to becoming a nationally recognized resource with nearly 1000 datasets available for download. With the portal update, the City has upgraded the user interface and functions to better suit online and mobile functionality. Users can now view open data in pre-categorized views, have access to apps that have been developed using the city’s open data and much more.

“Analytics is the next frontier for cities and improving services”, said Mayor Don Iveson.
As a companion to the update of the Open Data Catalogue, the City’s Analytics Centre of Excellence (ACE) has launched the Open Analytics website to showcase some of the exciting projects the city is working on using Open Data. ACE’s Open Analytics site will provide tools to empower citizens to use open data to gain their own insights and features monthly updates such as step-by-step tutorials, project showcases and interactive data visualizations.

Sharing public data to enable citizens to interact more fluidly with their government is a part of Edmonton’s Open City Initiative. The Open City Initiative is focused on innovation, collaboration, participation, transparency and inclusiveness to enable citizens to participate in the design and delivery of programs and services.

For more information:

Visit: data.edmonton.ca
or     ace.edmonton.ca


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