Edson-Hinton Pinoy All-Star game, a success!; Gravides thanks Lakeview Inns, hosts

When the Filipino community in Edson hosted a basketball league last year, a team from Hinton was among the squads that took part.

Over the weekend at the Harry Collinge High School, Hinton took the turn to host and the Pinoys from Edson returned the favor.

Joel Villanueva and his group of volunteers successfully hosted the All-Stars game and the the visiting Edsonites had a great time playing with their fellow Filipinos.

Rodel Gravides of the Edson All-Stars expressed their appreciation for the efforts of their hosts in organizing friendly games, which is the best way of forging stronger friendships in the Pinoy communities from the two towns.

Gravides also thanked support of Lakeview Inns and Suites Edson Airport West for sponsoring the trophies.

“Everyone has helped us and we are just grateful too for the support of Lakeview Inn and Suites,” he said.

Lakeview Inn and Suites Edson Airport West was recently won the 2016 Housekeeping Award from the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association.(p.e.n./contributed photos)


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