Government invests in more opportunities for Albertans at NorQuest College, reverses cuts

News Release

Government invests in more opportunities for Albertans at NorQuest College, reverses cuts


The provincial government is moving Alberta forward by restoring $16 million in capital funding through Budget 2016 to ensure NorQuest College can meet the growing needs of students and businesses.

“Our success in a more resilient, diversified economy will depend on a well-trained workforce and more opportunities for all Albertans to succeed. In a tough economy, we’ve made a choice to stand up for Albertans and not turn our backs by downloading short-sighted cuts onto hardworking families. That’s why we are reversing the previous governments planned cuts to education and training and rejecting opposition calls for even deeper cuts.”

Rachel Notley, Premier of Alberta

Government is investing a total of $61 million in NorQuest’s expansion and retrofit project in 2016-17. The investment this year includes $45 million in previously allocated funds and restored funding of $16 million, which will go toward both the completion of the new Singhmar Learning Centre and renovations to the South Learning Centre, currently the main building at the Edmonton downtown campus.

The expansion and retrofit plans include the development of a larger learner centre/library, an enhanced Aboriginal student centre and 49 technologically up-to-date classrooms and lab facilities. In addition to the increased student capacity, more than 6,800 people have worked on the construction project.

“This renewed commitment and confidence by the Government of Alberta is a continuation of the transformation of NorQuest College. For over 50 years, NorQuest has been a place where people go to reach their full potential. We are now empowered to do even more: for students, for Edmonton, for Alberta.”

President and CEO, Dr. Jodi L. Abbott

The expansion and retrofit project supports the college’s 8.9 per cent growth rate, towards 20,000 students by 2025. The expansion will also allow NorQuest to centralize students, employees and programs currently spread across a number of buildings into one downtown Edmonton location.


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