PSC pushes through plan to put up Philippine Sports Institute; gets P25-M budget

PSC pushes through plan to put up Philippine Sports Institute; gets P25-M budget

By Lovely A. Carillo

DAVAO CITY (Philippines News Agency) — The Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) is pushing through with its plan to put up a Philippine Sports Institute with satellite offices all over the country to promote grassroots sports.

“The Institute will have a structure by October 1. We are fortunate we got P25 million for this otherwise it will just be lip service,” PSC chairman William “Butch” Ramirez said in an interview Monday here.

Ramirez said they intend to put up a Philippine Sports Institute which will help realize the first grassroots Program of the government since “for the past 26 years there was no real grassroots program in the country.” The Institute which will be established at the Ultra, will take care of athlete education and development among others.

“The Institute will have a national training director and we will sign a Memorandum of Agreement with the local governments to put up a regional training center which will be manned by a regional director,” he said.

Ramirez also warned the various National Sports Association (NSAs) all over the country to put their acts together or risk losing the Commission’s financial support.

“If the NSAs continue to quarrel then we will stop funding.

These associations have to unify,” Ramirez said. Under Republic Act 6847, the PSC has supervisory and visitorial powers.

Ramirez said they are now monitoring the private sports associations to check their compliance with their mandate and some policies of the government.

Under RA 6847, also known as the Philippine Sports Commission Act, the PSC is mandated to “Plan, implement and oversee an integrated amateur sports promotion and development program for the country, including the program for the Decade of Physical Fitness and Sports: 1990-2000, pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 406, in coordination with various sectors involved in sports, including, among others, the Philippine Olympic Committee, the National Sports Associations, the public and private schools, government corporations and entities, the local governments, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, and other sports organizations and private corporations.”

The PSC has three main goals under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte namely unifying sports, promoting grassroots sports and ridding it of corruption.

“Our First 50 days in office was spent data gathering and getting to know the situation of the national athletes, situation of Philippine sports, problems, and evaluating the grassroots sports program which has been failing,” he said.

He said the PSC is set to conduct a national consultative meeting with sports stakeholders. (PNA)


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