Natural Christmas tree collection starts January 10

Press Release

Natural Christmas tree collection starts January 10

The City of Edmonton will start collecting natural Christmas trees on Tuesday, January 10, 2017. Trees will be picked up for recycling within three weeks of this date, but not necessarily on residents’ scheduled waste collection days.

Residents are asked to:

  • Set natural Christmas trees out for collection by 7 a.m. on Tuesday, January 10, 2017.

  • Place their un-bagged tree on its side next to garbage bags.

  • Cut extra-large trees into two-metre (approximately six-foot) lengths.

  • Remove all ornaments, tinsel, garlands, nails, screws and tree stands, so that the trees are acceptable for composting.

Apartment and condo residents can take their natural Christmas trees free of charge until January 30, 2017to:

  • One of the City’s community Recycling Depots (place next to the entrance or exit of the depot and make sure your tree does not block access) or

  • One of the City’s four Eco Stations (staff will guide you to where you can place your tree).

Christmas trees should NOT be placed in or near apartment garbage or recycling bins.

In 2016, more than 12,000 trees weighing 137 tonnes were collected for recycling. Trees are chipped and composted at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre. The City uses the wood chips to make various types of compost for horticulture, agriculture and land reclamation.

Artificial Trees

The Reuse Centre accepts artificial tree donations, as long as the tree is in a box and includes all parts. The donated trees are given to organizations and individuals for reuse.


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