Migrante AB launches McKenna Rose Law Campaign; Aims to amend policy to remove babies born in Alberta to non-status migrants from ‘non-eligible residents’ to become eligible for AHCIP, other social services

News Release

McKenna Rose Law Campaign – Need your support


“A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian. You devalue the citizenship of every Canadian in this country when you break down and make it conditional for anyone”. – Prime Minister Justine Trudeau, Globe and Mail, Sept 29, 2015


In the Province of Alberta, the Alberta Health Services says that “Babies born in the Province of Alberta to a non-resident of Alberta are not considered residents of Alberta and are therefore not eligible for coverage with the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan”.


This policy place Canadians in different discriminatory categories, those who are born in Canada to non-status mothers and the rest of Canadians. The former do not have the rights that other Canadians have such as health care and very limited social services.


Under this policy, children like McKenna Rose are tied to her mother’s status. And because her mother is currently without status, she also do not get the benefit of health care and social services.


This policy violates McKenna’s inherent rights and all Canadian born children in similar situation. The province of Alberta violates these children’s human rights.


On the other-hand, the situation puts a extra burden to the non-status mothers whos status are already extremely precarious.


In response to the issue, Migrante Alberta is launching a campaign to support McKenna Rose and other children in similar situation. Its aim is to amend the current policy to remove the babies born in Alberta to non-status migrants from “non-eligible residents” to become eligible for AHCIP and other social services that Albertans and Canadians enjoy.


A petition for the legislature is currently circulating.


If you wanted to help you can:


  1. Talk about it in with your friends and family
  2. Talk to your MLA
  3. Take the petition to your workplace or school or community (please email or call us and we will send you the petition).
  4. Circulate the campaign video in your social media (https://youtu.be/WG1pcDpCMP8)
  5. Donate to the campaign through “Paypal” (migrantealberta@gmail.com). This will allow our organizers to outreach in other cities in Alberta.


Get involved!

Email Migrante at migrantealberta@gmail.com or call 1-888-366-0194


 Feel free to forward this email


**special thanks to UBC Graduate Student Ewan McArthur for the video

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