Palace welcomes EU plan to help PHL’s drug rehab efforts

Palace welcomes EU plan to help PHL’s drug rehab efforts

MANILA (Philippines News Agency) — Malacanang welcomed on Tuesday a plan of the European Union (EU) to offer support in the illegal drug campaign and drug rehabilitation efforts in the Philippines.

“As the Duterte administration gains ground in the war on drugs, the Palace welcomes all plans and offers of help without conditions for the country’s drug rehabilitation program including those coming from the European Union,” Abella said in a press statement.

EU Ambassador to the Philippines Franz Jessen reportedly said the EU is looking to divert funding from within the health sector to the drug problem.

Jessen said the EU is now coordinating with the Department of Health (DOH) on how it can help the Duterte administration’s rehabilitation program for illegal drug dependents.

Abella said the Palace expects better ties between the Philippines and EU, noting “that there are issues for stronger areas of cooperation such as trade, justice and security, and economic development.”

Some countries, particularly China and Japan, have already expressed support in the Philippines’ war on drugs particularly on its rehabilitation and treatment programs for drug dependents.

In November last year, President Rodrigo Duterte led the inauguration of mega drug rehabilitation facility in Nueva Ecija.

Donated by Chinese billionaire philanthropist Huang Rulun, the mega drug rehab center can house 10,000 in-patients once the construction of the 60,000-square meter facility is completed.

Duterte administration’s war on drug has been considered a success after more than one million drug personalities surrendered to authorities in just the first six months of the campaign.

According to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), drug problem has contaminated over 3 million Filipinos, prompting President Duterte to wage bloody war against drug menace.

The campaign has already left 2,212 drug pushers and users dead in legitimate police operations and over 44,000 arrested drug dependents. (PNA)


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