Upcoming Shake-Up conference showcases how Edmonton has warmed up to winter

News Release

Upcoming Shake-Up conference showcases how Edmonton has warmed up to winter

In just two weeks Edmonton will host the 2017 Winter Cities
Shake-Up Conference. Delegates from 40 winter cities
around the globe will gather to discuss winter strategies,
share successes and generate ideas to make winter a
season to look forward to.  The three-day conference
explores new approaches to winter living in the
areas of business, urban design,  culture and wellness.
But being a successful winter city is more than just talk.

There has been a noticeable shift in the way Edmontonians
approach winters: we don’t just brave the cold, we thrive it in.
This was the theme when Councillor Ben Henderson was joined
by other local winter enthusiasts on Cafe Bicyclette’s
outdoor winter patio to celebrate the city’s changing
temperament towards winter.

“In a remarkably short time, the community has shifted their way of thinking and  embraced this idea of being a proud winter city” says Councillor Henderson. “It’s not just people who have lived here for a while and are used to the cold, but newcomers and visitors are actively seeking out the incredible things to see and do here during this time”.

As we look towards celebrating Canada’s 150th winter, the season is also a great way to creatively engage in our rich local history. “The Flying Canoe Races is about as Canadian as it gets” says Daniel Cournoyer, producer of Flying Canoë Volant. This inaugural event, taking place during the Shake-Up conference, is a creative homage to the legend of the Flying Canoe, tapping into our French-Canadian, First Nation and Métis tradition. “Where else but Canada would people join a team to race a full-size canoe down a snow-covered hill, throw an axe or two and bucksaw through a tree stump, just for fun?”

Winter Cities Shake-Up takes place February 16-18 at the Shaw Conference Centre. If you’re looking to embrace your winter spirit, register now and check out these cool activities around the city:

  • Feb 2 – 4, Flying Canoë Volant, La Cite Francophone

  • Feb 10 – 20, Silver Skate Festival

  • Feb 15 – Mar 31, MADE’s Winter Design Exhibition, Latitude 53

  • Feb 16, NextGen Pecha Kucha Night, SHAW Conference Centre

  • Feb 17, November Project Workout (@Nov_ProjectCAN)

  • Feb 17, Flying Canoe Races, Edmonton Ski Club

  • Feb 18, ShakeUp Festival, The Armature

For more information:

To see the full program and register, visit wintercitiesconference.com. Full conference and single-day registration options available.

For a full list of Edmonton winter activities, visit wintercityedmonton.ca


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