Governments of Canada and Alberta invest in the health of Albertans

News Release
Governments of Canada and Alberta invest in the health of Albertans

EDMONTON – The Government of Canada and the Government of Alberta are committed to ensuring our healthcare system is there to meet the needs of Albertans and that support is available in times of crisis.

Recently, the Minister of Health, the Honourable Jane Philpott, announced that the governments of Canada and Alberta reached an agreement on health funding and that $6 million in emergency funding is now available to combat the opioid crisis in Alberta.

The bilateral agreement will bring new targeted federal funding over 10 years for investments in home care and mental health care. Over the next 10 years, the federal government will provide Alberta with an additional $1.3 billion:

· $703.2 million for better home care including addressing critical home care infrastructure requirements; and

· $586.0 million in support of mental health initiatives.

As a result of these investments, it is expected that wait times for mental health services for children and youth will be improved and that the number of patients in hospital who could be supported and better cared for at home or in the community will be reduced.

In addition, in recognition of the devastating impact the current overdose crisis is having in many communities, including here in Alberta and Edmonton, the Government of Canada announced an additional $6 million in urgent support to the Province of Alberta to assist with its response to the growing effects of the emergency.

The Government of Canada has already taken numerous steps to address the opioid crisis, including $75 million in previously announced funding, making naloxone readily available, overturning the ban on the use of prescription heroin to treat the most severe cases of addiction, and introducing Bill C-37 to simplify and streamline the application process for supervised consumption sites, clamp down on illegal pill presses and extend the authority of border officers to inspect suspicious small packages coming in from offshore.


“Today is a great day for Alberta and for Edmonton. These important investments will make a difference in caring for the people we love, whether it is giving faster access to mental health support, allowing our elders to get care in their home or helping the most vulnerable get out of the terrible cycle of addiction.”

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