Filipino delegates arrive in Canada to raise awareness on effects of mining to indigenous communities in Philippines

News Release

Filipino Delegation tour Canada to raise awareness on the affects of Canadian mining to indigenous communities in the Philippines.

Migrante Alberta is hosting the Alberta leg of this Canada wide tour.

Ecumenical organization KAIROS sponsors a five-person delegation from the Philippines, March 20 to April 5. The delegate will visit several Canadian cities to speak about human rights violations in the context of mining projects, including Canadian-owned operations. The tour includes stops in Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal.

During the Alberta leg, the delegation will meet with Calgary based TVI Mines. Two members of the delegation will continue to Edmonton for a Forum on Sunday, March 26 at 1pm. It will be held at the University of Alberta Education Building Rm 129. 

Our guests are:

Atty. Carlos Zarate, Member of Philippine Congress, Chairperson of the House Committee on Natural Resources; and Vice-Chair, House Committee on Peace, Reconciliation and Unity

– Nenita Condez, Indigenous woman leader from Mindanao. Her community have been fighting corporate resource extraction in their ancestral land.

We hope you can join us in this event.


Photo courtesy of Migrante.


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