U of A heritage building renewal will serve students better

News Release

U of A heritage building renewal will serve students better


The Government of Alberta’s much-needed investment of $149 million over four years will restore the University of Alberta’s historic Dentistry/Pharmacy Building.

The renovated building will serve as the university’s new administrative hub, where all administrative processes including Office of the Registrar will be relocated. It will also provide a crucial increase in student service space to 17,800 square metres and free up room across campus that will be repurposed for student learning areas.

“We are helping students prepare for success in a diverse economy by investing in modern and efficient learning spaces at post-secondary institutions and making life better for Albertans by creating much needed construction jobs to spur economic growth.”

Marlin Schmidt, Minister of Advanced Education

“I thank the Government of Alberta for this timely and important investment in one of the University of Alberta’s oldest, most iconic buildings. The Dentistry/Pharmacy Building has supported students and learning outcomes for nearly a century and its restoration will continue to uphold excellence in education for generations to come.”

David Turpin, President of University of Alberta

Along with the long-term benefits, the project will create an estimated 18,750 worker-days of employment for the regional economy.

The University of Alberta project is one of 11 capital and planning projects for Alberta’s post-secondary system over the next four years. Government will invest $734 million in these projects by 2020-21, plus an additional $676 million for capital maintenance and renewal.

Quick facts

  • The restoration of the Dentistry/Pharmacy Building will remove $78.7 million in deferred maintenance for the building.
  • The Dentistry/Pharmacy Building is one of the campus’ most distinctive architectural features with a history dating to 1921.
  • In 2012, the Alberta government provided the University of Alberta with $3.5 million to plan the restoration of the Dentistry/ Pharmacy Building. The university completed a design development report outlining specifics of the project.

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