Leduc to get new affordable housing complex

News Release

Leduc to get new affordable housing complex


Funding of $14.4 million has been approved for the construction of 64 new affordable housing units for Leduc’s Linsford Gardens residents.

Minister Lori Sigurdson announces replacement of Linsford Gardens affordable housing units  Linsford Gardens affordable housing complex in Leduc

Minister Sigurdson announces replacement of Linsford Gardens affordable housing units in Leduc.

Budget 2017 upholds the government’s commitment to investing $1.2 billion over five years, through the Capital Plan, to build affordable housing units for Albertans.

“Our government is making life better for Albertans by building affordable housing. This significant investment is long overdue and the new Linsford Gardens townhouses will not only help address the housing shortage but help revitalize the neighbourhood.”

Lori Sigurdson, Minister of Seniors and Housing

“We are very pleased with the funding announcement made by the Government of Alberta today. The funding of Linsford Gardens allows Leduc Foundation to continue to be a leader in the development and management of affordable housing within the Leduc region. Linsford Gardens will contribute to the provision of housing options for low- to moderate-income seniors, individuals and families of the Leduc region communities.”

Robert Young, chair of the Leduc Foundation Board of Directors

Quick facts

  • This project involves the demolition of the current aging Linsford Townhouses and the construction of Linsford Gardens.
  • The demolition of the townhouses and construction of the new units will be conducted in phases so tenants can move directly into their new homes.
  • Linsford Townhouses is a housing complex in Leduc with 30 two-bedroom, six three-bedroom and six four-bedroom units.
  • The new Linsford Gardens complex will have 64 affordable one- to four-bedroom housing units.

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