City looks to improve transit with second phase of major service changes

News Release
City looks to improve transit with second phase of major service changes
Transit customers can expect more service improvements by this fall when it comes to overcrowded buses and buses arriving on time as Edmonton Transit System (ETS) seeks to reallocate another 50,000 hours.

Starting July 2, major changes include removing certain timeframes (such as late evening) or select trips. Four underused routes are being cancelled altogether: Routes 73, 96, 157, and 316. In addition, some routes will change where or how far they go and a transfer may now be required. A full list of the changes is online.

The service hours from July’s cancelled routes and trips will be moved to higher demand routes come September in order to provide better service and improved schedules. Much success was realized when the first 50,000 service hour reallocation took place in September 2016. Customers are encouraged to double check their route brochures and plan their trips in advance.

City council approved standards require a minimum of 30 passengers per hour for peak times and 15 passengers per hour in other times on regular routes. ETS makes service adjustments five times a year in order to meet these standards and provide value for taxpayer investment, improve customer service based on feedback, and serve new ridership patterns.


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