Cayetano: PHL has independent foreign policy, refusing aid with conditions

Cayetano: PHL has independent foreign policy, refusing aid with conditions

By Leslie D. Venzon

MANILA (Philippines News Agency) — Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano on Friday said the Philippines has an independent foreign policy thus, it will not accept aid from any country with conditions or that donors will interfere in its domestic policies.

The DFA chief stressed this following the country’s rejection of aid from the European Union (EU), which earlier committed to doubling development assistance to the Philippines to 300 million euros (roughly Php16.36 billion) until 2020.

“We’re just telling them very respectfully: we believe in our independence, we know our problems better than you, you are welcome here, let’s do business; but we will not accept aid if there are conditions or you will interfere,” Cayetano told reporters.

“But if the aid will help us or you will help us with our present problems and we can agree on a framework, that can be a different matter,” he added.

Cayetano said countries in the EU believed in the legalization of drugs and possession of drugs for personal use.

“So aanhin mo yung napakalaking pera kung magiging addict naman ang mga tao? (So what will you do with large sum of money when people become addicted to drugs?),” he asked.

Cayetano cited China and Japan as examples, which are helping the Philippines a “lot but without condition.”

“So the ball actually is now in the hands of the EU. For the EU to tell us now: one, there’s no strings attached, this is humanitarian help. Number two, that we will not interfere in your internal affairs,” he further said.

Cayetano also hoped that EU would express its support to the administration’s law and order campaign. (PNA)


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