Lube City honors top players in PRSAA-Leduc basketball league


(Left to right) PRSAA-Leduc co-organizer Robin Roxas with Mythical Five members Warren Guillen of goNissan, Ian Gonzales of Blue Eagle Warriors, Juffrey Sampaga of Knights, Oliver Branzuela of goNissan and Ian Tapaoan of PSA Leduc. goNissan topped the tournament after beating the Knights, 102-93.(Photo by Moses Billacura/p.e.n.)


Alain Samson of goNissan (center) with his final’s MVP tropy after leading his team to victory over the Knights, 102-93. Also shown are co-organizers Robin Roxas(left) and PRSAA president Tony Villanueva.(Photo by Moses Billacura/p.e.n.)


Lube City, represented by supervisor Warren Guillen (3rd from right) awards the gift card to Erick Garrero of the Knights for emerging as 2017 PRSAA-Leduc Basketball League’s spring season Most Valuable Player last week in Leduc. Joining them are PRSAA president Tony Villanueva (extreme right), co-organizers Sherwin Robledo, Robin Roxas and goNissan player Mark Pros.(Photo by Moses Billacura/p.e.n.)


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