Canada Day: Statement from Premier Notley

News Release

Canada Day: Statement from Premier Notley


Premier Rachel Notley has issued the following statement regarding Canada Day:

“Happy Canada Day!

“Today, we celebrate 150 years of Confederation. And yet we know the story of this land and its Indigenous people goes back much further than 150 years.

“An anniversary like this asks that we look back at our history with clear eyes and hearts of reconciliation. At the same time, let’s look forward to new ways we can learn from one another and work together to make this great country even better.

“Canada is known around the world as a defender of democracy and peace, as a place of innovation, excellence and hope and as the best country in the world to live and raise our families.

“This is the result of courage, vision, determination and hard work. And that is worth celebrating—this day, and every day.

“There’s a good reason why Canadians travelling abroad stitch our flag to our backpacks and luggage. It’s because in a divided world, Canada is a beacon of good will, civility and acceptance.

“I’m proud to be Canadian. Our government is working to make life even better.

“And we are going to keep working, every day, to make this province and country even better for everyone who calls this incredible part of Canada home.

“Bonnes célébrations à tous

“And all the very best this Canada Day.”


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