Duterte signs law extending validity of driver’s license to 5 years

MANILA (Philippines News Agency) — President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday signed into law Republic Act 10930 extending the validity of driver’s licenses to five years.

Under the new law, all qualified applicants shall be issued licenses, except for student permits, that will be valid for five years.

It also provides further that the holder of a driver’s license who has not committed any violation of the Land Transportation and Traffic Code and other traffic laws, rules and regulations during the five-year period will be entitled to a license with a 10-year validity upon renewal.

This shall be subject to restrictions imposed by the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

The law also mandates the establishment of stricter rules before the issuance of driver’s licenses.

As provided, the LTO will promulgate prerequisites and guidelines before the grant of drivers’ licenses to ensure that these are issued only to deserving applicants with sufficient driving skills and knowledge on road safety and proper road courtesy.

RA 10930 also introduced a new provision penalizing persons who violate the rules on the issuance of drivers’ licenses.

A fine of PHP 20,000 will be imposed on an applicant if found to have willfully misrepresented material information in his or her application; connived with the officer in the irregular conduct of examinations or issuance of license; falsified documents; or cheated during examinations.

On the other hand, any officer who issues a license without the proper examinations, connives with the applicant for the irregular issuance of a license or who, by gross negligence, issues a license to an unqualified applicant will be dismissed from the service with all the attached accessory penalties.

The laws shall take effect 15 days after publication in the Official Gazette or in a newspaper of general circulation. (PNA)


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