It’s a Sign! Spur Line Alley

News Release
It’s a Sign! Spur Line Alley

The sign to mark the honorary naming of ‘Spur Line Alley’ was installed on Whyte Avenue yesterday.

The name was suggested by Edmontonians Tianna Albrecht and Mario Panizzo, whose entry was chosen in the Name the Alley! Competition, which was organized by CITYlab, the Old Strathcona Business Association, and the City of Edmonton’s Naming Committee.

“‘Spur Line’ gives a nod to the railway history in the area and is a bit of a play on words,” said Marco Melfi, Planner with the City of Edmonton. “In railway terms, spurs are a branch off of a railway route and similarly, the alley is a like a spur off Whyte Avenue.”

The Name That Alley! competition invited Edmontonians to give an honorary name to the alley turned pedestrian space on Whyte Avenue between 104 and 105 streets. The Naming Committee reviewed all 67 submissions and revealed the approved name at an event in the Alley in June.

The competition and the alley painting party to launch the competition, invited Edmontonians to participate in the Alley’s transformation to a pedestrian plaza. The honorary name continues that transformation and allows us to identify this plaza is a shared space to bring people together.


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