Annual ETS fall service changes start September 5; Students reminded to double check school routes and bus stop locations

News Release
Annual ETS fall service changes start September 5
Students reminded to double check school routes and bus stop locations


Starting Tuesday, September 5, Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) changes are in effect to accommodate higher ridership demand in the fall. Changes include restoring seasonal trips that were reduced in July, such as school specials and post-secondary routes. Additional schedule adjustments will be provided on some routes to serve customers better.

In July, service hours from underused routes were selected as part of the 2017 Transit Service Reallocation Plan. Effective September 5, these hours will be moved to improve service reliability and on-time performance throughout the transit system. Improvements start behind the scenes, where many of the hours will be reallocated to provide new full-time standby buses. This allows ETS to provide immediate service for transit riders and to keep to the normal schedule during unplanned events. Service hours will also be moved to certain high demand routes.

September is the busiest time of year for transit users as many people return to school and work. In preparation for their first week back to school, students are encouraged to plan ahead and double check transit centre maps online or on-site, because improvements supported by the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) continue at various transit centres.

ETS plans and adjusts bus routes five times a year to improve service and the transit experience for riders. These changes are made to accommodate shifts in ridership demand, customer feedback, and road construction activity.


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