New non-profit organization helps the targeted vulnerable members of society

News Release
New non-profit organization helps the targeted vulnerable members of society


EDMONTON — There is a new honorable society in Edmonton and area. A group of Canadian citizens who by the sweetest of chances gathered together and by mutual observations of other “groups” they formed a non-aggressive support association for Canadians in sensitive or less fortunate circumstances.

They are currently a small but determined group building the foundation through honor, respect, team building and diversity of ideas.

Minutemen Alliance (Alberta) Association [Minutemen]s is a young non-profit charitable organization in Edmonton, AB diligently working to advance the economic, physical, cultural and social lives of the targeted vulnerable members of society such as seniors, homeless, families/persons in need, single-parent families, etc. and those who live in fear of radical extremist groups or factions within Edmonton and surrounding communities.

Named after the historical Minutemen who were civilian colonists that banded together to provide aid to the military during the American Revolutionary War; they were known for being ready at a minute’s notice (hence the name).

Minutemen Alliance is a small group of concerned citizens from various ethnic groups banding together to provide assistance to the targeted vulnerable members of society; quick to respond to those needs. We have recognized a serious need within our communities and initiated Minutemen Alliance to assist with meeting those needs. The need is such that Minutemen Alliance needs to grow its membership and are looking for people with a passion for helping those less fortunate within Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Minutemen is seeking individuals who are of like-mind interested in becoming members and enjoy volunteering to make a difference in today’s society. Individuals will need to make a commitment to the association and assist in its growth. Minutemen have several programs to specifically help those who need our assistance including (but not limited to) Community Watches in high crime locales working with law enforcement for the betterment of our communities, Basic Computer Skills for people of all ages who do not have access to learning those skills, Winter Outerwear to assist homeless and families in need of basic winter clothing, and Needle Cleanup in communities where safety from discarded needles is paramount.
Minutemen also assists other charitable organizations as volunteers.

Fundraising is an important factor to these programs and new members will be committed to assisting with projects to financially support the various programs and the association. As with all volunteer based associations, a great amount of time is required to meet the needs Minutemen see as vitally important and to raise the funds to properly achieve the criteria. All interested individuals willing to commit to the challenge of personal courage and selfless service are welcome. Feel free to come and meet the group and find out what we are all about. We look forward to meeting you.

Meetings are held every Tuesday evening. Anyone who wishes to join and promote the growth of Minutemen Alliance may contact us through our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/minutemenalliance. Please contact us a minimum of four days prior to the meeting night (contact on Friday for the following Tuesday meeting).


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