ASEAN TF head lauds personnel for incident-free Summit

ASEAN TF head lauds personnel for incident-free Summit

MANILA (Philippines News Agency) — Congratulations for a job well done.

This was the message of ASEAN Security Task (ASTF) commander head, Police Director Napoleon Taas, following the peaceful and successful conclusion of the historic event last Nov. 15 and incident-free departure of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the NAIA Terminal 2 noontime Thursday.

“With the departure of the Chinese leader at 12 noon, we have successfully secured the country’s hosting of the 31st Summit and the 50th Anniversary of ASEAN,” he said.

ASEAN Summit activities in the Philippines started Nov. 10.

“US President (Donald) Trump described his experience as fantastic. The Singaporean Minister calls it a tough act to follow. PRRD (President Rodrigo Roa Duterte) refers to all of us as his Fantastic Team. To the Greatest Security Team that I had the privilege to lead, this is indeed a proud day for the nation,” Taas said.

He added that the success in securing the event was made possible by the nameless, selfless, and dedicated men and women of the ASTF 2017.

Around 60,000 personnel from 21 government agencies, including the police and military, were deployed to secure the event.

“To all of you, I will forever be indebted!! Mabuhay po kayong lahat,” Taas said. (PNA)


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