Jeepney Jaytee owner is Jack and Jones’ poster boy!

When the re-opening of the Jack and Jones takes place this morning at the West Edmonton Mall, you will see a familiar face.

Jeepney Jaytee Food Truck’s Jaime Balmores has become a poster boy!

Yes, posters of him wearing some of the clothing collections of Jack and Jones will be everywhere and you will be proud looking at him, specially if you are a Filipino.

Balmores started as a nurse in Canada, gave it up to go back to his first love, cooking.

With the help of his family, Jeepney Jaytee Food Truck was launched three years ago and today, it has become the Number 1 food truck, recognized by various media organizations in Edmonton and followed by hundreds of food-loving Filipinos and Edmontonians.

“I am just so grateful for the support of the community. I cannot thank them enough,” said Balmores.

Join Balmores at Jack and Jones, second level of the WEM where you can purchase any items at discounted rates, take a selfie then tag Jeepney JayTee on your social media account with hashtags #filipinopride #jeepneyjaytee #number1foodtruck and get a chance to win gift certificates from Edmonton’s number food truck.(p.e.n.)



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