Transit fares change February 1

News Release
Transit fares change February 1, 2018


Starting February 1, Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) is adjusting fares by approximately three per cent for adult, post-secondary, youth and seniors’ monthly passes and tickets.

Fare adjustments start with February passes, even if purchased in January. The new fares are part of the three-year City Council approved budget cycle.

Cash fares, Ride Transit subsidized monthly transit pass, Route 747 monthly transit pass, and the Universal transit pass (U-Pass) for eligible post-secondary students remain the same. ETS tickets purchased prior to February 1 will remain valid, if they have not expired.

See here for a complete list of fare changes.

Fare adjustments to ride route 747

Starting February 1 there is a fare adjustment for cash or ticket payment to ride Route 747 between Century Park Station and Edmonton International Airport. Fares can be paid with four ETS transit tickets or $10.00 cash to/from Century Park Station.

For customer convenience, an integrated $10 fee option will be available for those wishing to travel from the airport to Century Park Station and then transfer to another ETS bus or LRT service. Customers with a valid ETS transfer or ETS bus pass will pay $7.50 or three ETS transit tickets to ride the Route 747 bus. This is the first fare adjustment since 2012, and brings Edmonton’s fees in line with airport transportation in other Canadian cities.

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