Canlubang wins 10th PAL Seniors Interclub

PAL golf canlubang photo no. 01

– Canlubang wins 32nd PAL Seniors Interclub (Championship Division) at Marapara (Negros Occidental Golf and Country Club). Left to right: Dave Hernandez, Jun Bernis, Rolly Viray, Jomarie Limjap (President-NOGCC), Boyet Saragoza, Luigi Yulo (team captain), Damasus Wong, Jose Mari Hechanova, Abe Rosal, Abe Abena and Zaldy Villa.

BACOLOD CITY – Canlubang captured its 10th Philippine Airlines Seniors Interclub title in 12 years Sunday and offered it to a team member who passed away last December.

“This is for Mike,” said Canlubang captain Luigi Yulo, referring to Miguel Preysler, a former national player based in Spain.

After a forgettable performance last year in Davao, Preysler vowed to return, but nine months following his return to Spain, he died of stomach cancer.

“We didn’t know about his condition, but it was uncharacteristic of him to play badly,” said Yulo, referring to the 37 points Presyler made in the first round at Mt. Apo.

Canlubang rode on Abe Rosal’s 50 points to beat Luisita by eight points.

Rosal was even par through 16 holes before picking up on the 17th and settling for bogey on the 18th off the greenside bunkers.

The Sugar Barons also drew 46 from Zaldy Villa and the 44 from either Rolly Viray or Damasus Wong to return with 140 and 573 overall.

Seven points behind before the start of the round, Luisita failed to mount a rally and virtually threw in the towel as early as the 12th hole.

As the players walked to the tee mound of the 13th hole, Luisita skipper Jeric Hechanova walked over to Yulo to offer his hand in congratulation.

“Their young players are the ones who came through,” said Hechanova, referring to Abe and Pem Rosal, Wong and Villa. “We will rise from this defeat and try to win it back next year.”

Eddie Bagtas, who fired 52 points at Binitin in the second round, struggled with 44 points.

Benjie Sumulong was Luisita’s top scorer with 50 followed by Rodel Mangulabnan with 45.

Del Monte outscored both Canlubang and Luisita in the final round with 148 points, but still settled for third with 549.

Yoyong Velez shot the day’s best score of 52 to win the individual crown. Del Monte also collected a pair of 48s from Raul Minoza and Arnido Callo.

Since winning its first crown in 2006, Canlubang has lost only twice, a testament to its pool of talents and experienced coaching staff.

“We thought that Luisita made a poor decision sitting out Bagtas in the third round,” said Yulo. “He should have played at Binitin.”

The Interclub’s Platinum sponsors this year are Primax Broadcasting, RMN and Fox, while major sponsors are BusinessWorld Publishing, Rolls Royce, TV5, Philippine Standard.

Other sponsors include Boeing, Under Armour, Eton Properties and Asia Brewery.(pr)

Day 4 Scores

CHAMPIONSHIP: Canlubang 573, Luisita 565, Del Monte 549

AVIATOR: Alta Vista 481, Villamor Airbase 473, Filam Hawaii 461, Iloilo 454, Sarangani 445, Davao City 442, Negros Occidental 442, Socal Redhawk  433, Team Coral Ocean Saipan 421, Club Intramuros 413, Lanang 410, Bay Area 407, Baguio Country Club 401, UP Tee Jots 397, Leyte 388, Travelers  381, PAR  2000 372, Bay City 371, Cotabato 366, MSU Marawi 364, Pinoy Vancouver  Team A 356, Guam Seniors 354, Honolulu 351, Brotherhood Sharp 233

SPORTSWRITER: Rancho Palos Verdes 454, Forest Hills 434, Veterans A 429, Bacolod 428, Melbourne Pinoy 422, Iligan 416, Taotaomona 416, Club Filipino de Cebu 412, Van City 412, Sienna Plantation 410, San Juanico 410, South Cotabato 408, SF Maharlika 403, Paoay 396, SF Crystal Springs 385, Seattle 365, Alameda Bago 2 360, Dirab 349, San Francisco East Bay 343, Fort Bonifacio 335, Vancouver Golf Assoc of BC 315, Pinoy Vancouver B 314, Par Breakers 311, SF Peninsula GA Intl 238

FOUNDERS:  Cebu Country Club 542, Negros Occidental A 528, Orchard 528, Alabang 524, Pueblo de Oro 515, Manila 514, Camp John Hay 508, Veterans B 503, Valley Golf 499, Eagle Ridge 493, Riviera Golf 492, Manila Southwoods 490, Wack Wack 487, Guinhalaran 478, Apo Golf 478, Zamboanga 443, Camp Evangelista 432, Team Metgut 406, PGA Qatar 357

 FRIENDSHIP: South Bay LA 437, Club 1872 LA 430, Fil-Oz Sydney 409, Canphil 394, Philam Golf of Central Florida 386, Fil-am Fairfield 375, Eastridge 373, Mt Malindang 371, Mabuhay SFO 354, Guam Seals 349, Filam New Jersey 348, Richmond Range 342, PGA British Columbia 341, Filcansa 335, Lumbia 330, Winners Circle 326, Moffet Field 324, Bennett Valley 320, Guam Compadres 317, Tri-City 315, Fil-am SFO 302, West Covina 293, Skywest 263, Pittsburg Filam 241, SFO Alliance of Golfers 230


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